Mobile apps and web services design for travel and tourism

Tourism is the core focus area of the Standapp team
Travel aggregators to find hotels, flights, tours and vacation destinations are becoming increasingly popular. Travel management is also transformed into a niche where you can build a business and launch startups.

An application or a website for tourism industry can be created either for an existing business (travel agency, tour operator), or as an independent solution (special tours, travel planning, portals for communication between locals and tourists). StandApp keeps up with current trends and provides services for design and development of tourism projects.
Our portfolio includes mobile and web applications in the field of tourism, where we were engaged in UX research, design and development.
Design is an important part of product development and update
We can start working on your project from any stage. Check the idea, create the architecture, make mockups and think up the interface animation. Explore the needs and concerns of future or current users.

We are open to projects that require coordinated work of several teams. We had experience with distributed teams, when the development was in Moscow, design was in Tomsk, and the customer was in Dubai. We can work with your team or become a part of it.
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