New interface for the "Contact Center" module of Loymax Loyalty

The module for CRM-system Loymax allows to work with buyers and solve them questions on activation and use of loyalty cards;
Loymax provides its customers with several key products and  services focused on retail market, in mainly on supermarket chains. All these products help manage customer base, mailing lists and marketing campaigns, lead analytics on products and market segments and much more.
Update the user interface and interaction with the Loymax Loyalty "Contact Center" module to:
  • Increase client request processing speed
  • Review and improve the visual component of the module
Module "Contact-Center" before redesign
We conducted a study
Reviewed documentation and other reference materials with "Contact Center"
Conducted interviews with operators who use the module every day
Described usage scenarios and key issues
Created user-flow on interaction of the operator with the module
Key results
1. Search
Now it is located on a separate page, which is a start, not a modal window as it used to be
Only popular input fields are displayed. At the same time, the ability to display all input fields does not disappear
Table view of search results allows to display more information at the same time, no need to scroll cards in a small window
2. Client page
Shifted the focus of the operator to actions with the client. After all, it is with this section that he interacts most often
Put things in order - split the action into groups
We have identified the most commonly used actions. For them we have identified a separate group "Favorites"
The customer information panel goes into the background - it can be quickly folded to avoid distraction
Added search by actions
3. Comprehensive improvements
Introduced a system of tabs, for the convenience of working in multitasking
Worked hard on the UI. Now everything is beautiful, neat and not ashamed to show potential partners
The UX part also received its improvements. For example, we redesigned the interaction with tables: removed superfluous, focused on the main thing
Forostianova Maria – Product Director of Loymax Loyalty
StandApp is agility, creativity, flexibility. They unlike many creative people, heard our needs, critiqued, adjusted plans and final concepts on the go. They made changes not only to the visual part, but also made a full analysis. All proposals for change are reasoned.

Interest in the result is felt from the beginning to the publication of the final project. Recommend this studio to other companies to work on UX/UI interfaces in their products.
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