Booking excursions and entertainment in the UAE and other countries of the world

About project
MUST2GO is a service for travelers and tourists, in which you can choose entertainment and excursions yourself, with the help of the recommendations of the service or through chat with an online guide. It started with one country in the catalogue: UAE. Now there are 22 countries.
MUST2GO is not only about the site where you can order a tour or other entertainment. In the project there is a whole ecosystem with such roles as: manager, contractor, agent, supervisor. For each role, we have our own private offices.
Product card
MUST2GO is available in three languages: Russian, English and Arabic. Arabic is read from right to left. So when we design the pages, we consider what they would look like in Arabic.
Sightseeing and entertainment planning
After a small survey, the tourist can get a list of entertainment with including its budget and days recreation.
Mobile app
We originally made a black and white clickable prototype for the iPhone. This is necessary to test the desired functionality of the client and to test in practice the business hypotheses assigned before the project. Then we made a finishing design for both platforms: iOS, Android.
Guide for programmers
We are a design studio and we do not have a staff of programmers, so we worked on the project with one of the partner companies. For them, a set of interface elements (UI-kit) and manuals were created to simplify software design. Subsequently, they checked the working versions of applications, admins and site to make the project reach the launch as it was designed.
web pages are projected
for all system roles
layouts created for the web
and mobile version of tourist site
screens and screen states
created for Android and iOS
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